Philippe Said

UX Consultant & Interaction Designer

Experience Architect

I create digital products & services.

I craft interfaces & digital experiences.

Design & Innovation


I'm specialized in Interaction-Design and Service-Design with a strong focus on functional and aesthetic design.

My approach is based on design thinking and the study of human experience. I have worked with large corporations, agencies, and startups to improve their customer understanding as well as identifying new areas to generate new products and services.

The goal is to create an innovating and irresistible End-to-End Customer Experience.

Philippe Said Experience Architect
„ The experience is the product we deliver, and the only thing that customers care about “


In the past, customer experience meant presenting information and functions to users in a usable, efficient and enjoyable manner. In order to be competitive in the future, brands must get better at anticipating customer needs and satisfying them before the customer takes action.

This type of experience design is referred to proactive experiences and they are on the fast track to becoming a standard feature in everyday customer experiences.



Evaluation of your current product and service experience against human needs and expectations in the market through Design Research.


Determine your greatest opportunities within the context of available technology, the market, and consumer needs.


Envision, design, and prototype products that connect to customers on a functional and emotional level.


  • Digital Product Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Service Design
  • User Experience Design
  • User Research
  • Prototyping
  • Design Strategy
  • Business Strategy

Clients i've worked with to launch and scale new experiences.

Mont Blanc
Otto Vers&
Deutsche Post
Visit Berlin
Sound Studies Lab


Annual Multimedia Award
Deutscher Designer Club
Digital Br& Champion


I have to keep most of my portfolio offline for now. Please shoot me an email and i will send you the full portfolio.

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